Learning how to ride a jet ski for the first attempt can be pretty scary. Most current jet skis have top speeds of 70 mph, which makes getting hurt extremely simple. It’s simple to learn how to ride a jet ski properly, and to make things even easier, we’ve offered some pointers below to get you started.

Get Ready

You must confirm that you have enough fuel for the day, the necessary papers, and a life jacket. Riders of jet ski rentals are required by several states to carry life jackets and, in some circumstances, licenses as well. It is preferable to be of the requirements beforehand.

Recognize jet skis

Depending on the model and manufacturer, different jet skis have various controls. You must be aware of the location of the emergency shut-off and the throttle in advance. If you fall off, you must attach the emergency shutoff lanyard to yourself. You should also know where the brake mechanism is if your jet ski rental has one. The first thing you need to do becomes familiar with the type of watercraft you will be riding before you start learning how to ride it.

Start now

The first step is to settle into a comfortable seat and firmly grasp the handlebars. Once the jet ski has started, gradually open the throttle. Aim to travel between 5 and 10 mph until you are well away from the coast. Some people prefer to remain nearby the beach until they become acclimated to the throttle’s sensitivity.


You can gradually pick up speed when you are safely away from the coast. Maintain your comfort level and practice turning your jet ski at a slow pace. Make sure your passengers are leaning in the same direction as you ride. Always remember that most jet skis demand you to raise your speed to turn because they lack a rudder. Other contemporary jet ski models can turn without accelerating, although most can’t.

Blasting Wakes

You can start jumping wakes once you’ve gotten used to riding a jet ski. One of the most excellent advantages of riding a jet ski rental is learning the fundamentals of jumping wakes. It would support you if you always kept in mind that you should proceed cautiously. Please don’t go too quickly to jump a wake because doing so will cause the jet ski to push through the wave rather than jump it. Correctly jumping wakes requires a lot of experience, perseverance, and time.

Final Advice

There are other factors to consider once you have mastered riding a Myrtle Beach jet ski. You should know your legal rights before getting on a jet ski. Although anyone may learn to operate a jet ski, a license is required in some states. The majority of states have an age limit. Check your local rules to determine whether you need a permit to ride a jet ski rental.

Observe your surroundings. A jet ski rental in Myrtle Beach is like riding a motorcycle. You must be careful to watch out for yourself because many people are unaware of their surroundings. Although waterways are frequently open and uncrowded, accidents can still occur.

Stay under your limits once you’ve gotten used to riding a jet ski. There is nothing wrong with having a good time, but you must draw the line somewhere to protect both you and your passenger. Furthermore, never operate a jet ski when intoxicated. Additionally, you must behave appropriately around water. It is generally advised to have a pro by your side to ensure you understand everything you require to operate a jet ski. Fortunately, every jet ski rental from Action Water Sport comes with a guide.