Are you going skiing in Le Manoir? If you take the children together, they are never too young to start on the slopes.

If you plan to teach your children to ski during an alpine vacation, many families consider skiing in Les Menuires, in the French Alps, with its ski school facilities, a wide range of children’s and green slopes, and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. , is the perfect place for a child to make their first marks on the snow.

While training is always recommended for young children, it can help to understand the approach taken to teaching young people their first snow skills.

At how much?

Usually children can start skiing lessons at the age of two. Older children or young teens, however, are likely to benefit from moving straight to learn more adult techniques than getting. If you book a skiing holiday at Les Menuires, you will have no problem finding an instructor for all ages and your child should be on their slopes in no time.

As for when you need to start your child on lessons, it is highly dependent on the child. Many cross-country skiers start skiing as soon as they can resist, but if your child is not interested in lessons, you should not insist: it should be something to enjoy, after all!

Choice of equipment

For those who ski at Les Menuires, there is a lot of help for beginners, both in ski shops and in ski schools, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The structure of children’s skis is quite similar on the board, but the height can vary – they must reach the child’s chin when held upright. A more timid or cautious child may benefit from using slightly shorter skis, while a more confident shiver seeker may benefit from longer skis – to his nose or mouth, but never higher than that. Always go shorter than longer if in doubt, as no child will benefit from excessively long skis and shorter skis allow more maneuverability.

You can consider adjustable boots to avoid as your child grows out of them too fast, or you can buy boots only one size larger to make them last longer. In the same way, the helmets must be adjustable and they must fit neatly over the head. A little movement in the helmet is acceptable, but not too much.

Warm clothes

Appropriate clothing varies depending on the conditions where you are skiing. At Les Menuires, the coldest parts of the year tend to have declines averaging about -6 degrees Celsius, cold enough to require protective clothing. Appropriate ski equipment is important for the little ones, both for the comfort of the child and for their safety. It is a good idea for children to wear gloves with gloves, and on colder days it is worth having a thermal layer under ordinary ski clothes.

Make learning fun

If you are sure that your child has all the necessary facilities, the best thing you can do to help them enjoy the art of skiing is to provide a supportive atmosphere in which they can really make the most of it – and have fun! Give a lot of praise and encouragement and find an instructor with whom your child really “clicks” and they will join you on the tracks in no time.