One of the most enjoyable water sports is jet skiing. There is nothing quite like revving that engine, feeling the spray propel you ahead, and executing that sharp left turn that causes tons of water to crest into a powerful wave.

Naturally, dressing appropriately is essential for having a good time, and it’s always a good idea to change clothes if you intend to do something after participating in water-based activities.

Read on to learn what to expect regarding what to dress on your upcoming jet skiing adventure!

How to Dress for Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is a wet activity, so knowing what to wear will help you avoid getting soaked. The following article offers 10 suggestions for novice jet skiers on what to wear to improve their experience.

FYI: If a parent or legal guardian is with them, riders over 12 are welcome on our Sea the City Jet Skiing Tours. Also, drivers must be at least 18 years old.

1. Swimsuits

A swimming suit is a primary thing you should pack for your jet skiing vacation. Traditional swimwear is required, whether a simple pair of swimming trunks or a full-body suit.

It’s crucial to wear a comfy bathing suit. Elastic tight-fitting bathing suits are ideal because piloting a jet ski requires mobility. Finding the perfect mix between breathability and form-fitting design when wearing swimming trunks will allow you to enjoy your jet skiing trip fully.

REI has a beautiful assortment of athletic swimwear for men and women that is ideal for jet skiing. Any bathing suit is acceptable if you don’t want to go all out for your jet ski gear, as long as you wear a life vest.

Almost any pair of swim trunks will do for men.

2. Water Boots

A safe ride requires you to maintain your feet firmly planted on the sides of your jet ski, and wearing the right shoes will guarantee a risk-free outing.

There are many different styles of water shoes available. While some are closed-toe to keep your feet dry, others are porous to allow for breathability. Water shoes, including their line, are reasonably priced at Dicks Sporting Goods.

3. Life vest/life jacket

Safety is the most crucial aspect of jet skiing. That implies that life jackets are necessary, especially during Sea the City Jet Ski excursions.

Crew members, as well as passengers, wear life jackets. A correctly fitted life vest will ensure your safety if you fall into the water. Our skilled crew uses every method imaginable to ensure that your life vests are perfectly sized for you and precisely tailored to your body for maximum comfort and safety. We offer complimentary life jackets. However, Dicks also provides a wide range of goods in this location.

4. A safety cord

You must wear a lanyard around your wrist connected to the ignition’s key while using your waterbike. The kill switch cord is an arrangement like this. In a word, the engine is killed if you fall off.

5. Sunblock

While surfing the waves, the sun shines directly down on you and reflects off the water, almost ensuring that your skin receives the maximum amount of sun exposure and the resulting severe sunburn. Although sunscreen doesn’t belong in the clothing category, it’s a good idea to wear it outside to prevent burns. Bring some with you so you can touch things up. Project Sunscreen makes the best broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen and is safer than chemical sunscreens.

6. A hat or cap

Hats and caps shield your delicate head and forehead from the sun. Almost any design will work, but make sure you wear tight enough to stay on while the wind blows.

7. Glasses or eyewear

Although the New York Harbor’s waterways are beautiful, their saltwater spray will likely irritate your eyes. This problem is solved using unique sunglasses or goggles designed for aquatic activities. The SeaSpecs Classic Jet Specs are a stylish pair of wraparound sunglasses that are polarized to prevent the sun’s harmful glare. Additionally, if they are unintentionally placed into the beverage, their frames float to prevent you from losing them.

8. Accessories Resistant to Water

Remember that if you use an Apple watch or similar device, it is water-resistant rather than waterproof, which can be problematic if you get splashed! Additionally, you should have your identification and your certificate from your boating safety training with you in case the water police stop you.

Lemon creates a water-resistant crossbody that may also be used as a belt bag. The robust, water-resistant clip wallet from Brag Wets for men has an ID window and keeps your driver’s license and military ID safe in the window sleeve.

9. Gloves

Jet skiers don’t typically wear gloves, but they can be efficient. This is particularly true for novice drivers, who frequently have a death grip. Who desires painful blisters, which friction caused by the grip might cause? It will help if you put on a pair of riding gloves to prevent painful blisters from forming and to make it simple for you to hold the lines and throttle.

10. Dress Properly for the Weather

Winterized activewear designed for jet skiing can keep you warm if you enjoy using your jet ski while it’s freezing outdoors. So when the weather and waves are frigid, dress appropriately. We supply all the safety equipment and weather-appropriate apparel you’ll need at Sea the City. You can put on one of Sea the City’s top-notch line dry suits if you join us on an expedition.