The chalets are comfortable, there are no cars, there are various ski and super ski schools

There is a lot of planning that goes into a ski vacation, especially when you have little ones on the tou. I always recommend the fantastic resort of La Plagne to parents looking for a family-friendly resort. This is because it is car-free, has a variety of skiing options for all possibilities, offers all kinds of entertainment and boasts a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in La Plagne. The villas are also excellent and provide you with enough space to feel at home and make your own food.

While it’s great that the resort is family-friendly, it means you need to be smart when planning so that everyone can enjoy a fun, valuable and memorable trip.

Early booking

The phrase “early bird catches the worm” certainly applies when booking a family ski vacation. This is because you can take advantage of a wider choice of accommodation, special offers and discounts on flights, transfers and rental costs. In addition, kindergartens may be limited and you will certainly want to use this service if you are planning peace and quiet! Book early and you can secure a place at a ski school for your children.

Weekend trip

Many parents feel that they need a long break to make the most of what is on offer, but you can actually benefit a lot from planning a weekend trip (or something shorter than a week). The main reason for this is that you can make huge savings on accommodation, lift passes, ski lessons and daily expenses. In addition, it allows you to book outside of school holidays, so it will be quieter (as well as cheaper!).

In addition, the weekend is a good window for learners, as it allows them to cope with the basics without getting bored or tired. While your trip may be more condensed, you can still see and do it all while making big savings.

What to expect

Lift cards: There are a number of family ski passes that can provide big savings (everyone pays the price for the child). If necessary, there are beginners and pedestrian passes.

Ski schools: One of my favorite aspects of La Plagne is the fact that it has excellent ski schools that will help children (and adults) develop their skills and confidence. In each village there are several English speaking schools with the possibility of half-day and full-day sessions. These schools have dedicated areas where beginners can handle the basics. This is also a great way for your kids to make some new friends!

There are beginner areas in each resort and slow lifts. La Plagne also has child-friendly slopes and magic carpets.

Accommodation: There are a number of excellent family accommodations and this is one of the reasons why so many parents flock to La Plana. The chalets are ideal for families because they are comfortable, spacious and private. There is also the possibility of self-catering and catering villas, so you can enjoy family meals together every day (another fantastic way to save money!).

Not surprisingly, so many families come here for their ski vacation and will struggle to find a better family resort than La Plagne. Chalets, ski schools, zero cars and a friendly atmosphere make this a great countless reprint articles, but be sure to plan ahead for a successful trip! …